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Contact details and the Referral and Information Record for Middlesbrough Council are provided here.

Making a referral

If you wish to make a referral, please download the Safer Referral Form and complete all relevant sections prior to contacting us. Please follow the instructions on the form for the procedure to be followed.

Prior to referral, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I assessed the child and documented my findings?
  • Have I documented existing risk factors or issues?
  • Is there any evidence of substance abuse, domestic abuse, mental illness, a chaotic lifestyle or missed appointments?
  • Has the Early Help Assessment Framework been followed?
  • Has the situation been discussed with the child’s parent(s)?
  • Who else is in the household?
  • Have I updated myself on the children’s recent health history (Health staff)?
  • Do I have knowledge of any siblings? May they be at risk of harm too?
  • Is there a social worker allocated? Have I discussed this referral with that social worker?
  • Has the situation been discussed with a manager/senior colleague for safeguarding?

By completing the form prior to making a call you will ensure that you have the following available:

  • The evidence triggering the call
  • A list of recent events
  • The child’s health record (Health staff)

For further information please read the Middlesbrough MACH Referral Document: A Guide for Professionals

To access the Middlesbrough Threshold of Need Document

Middlesbrough Council

During working hours:
Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm
Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm

Middlesbrough Multi-agency Hub 
Tel: 01642 726004


Out of hours:
Emergency Duty Team
Tel: 01642 524 552

In an emergency contact Cleveland Police on: 101