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Changes to South Tees MACH Contact Details from 1st July 2020

As you will be aware Middlesbrough Council, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council and their respective partners currently provide joint front door services (i.e. information and advice, safeguarding and early help for children and young people) via the South Tees Multi-Agency Children’s Hub (MACH). In addition, they provide joint Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) services to investigate allegations made against professionals who are providing services to children and young people.  Due to a number of factors, the decision has been taken to disband the current model and revert to two separate services from 1st July 2020: Middlesbrough Council will manage its own front door and LADO services from its offices in Middlesbrough, alongside relevant partners; whilst Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council will provide their front door and LADO services with their partners from the current location of Daisy Lane, Ormesby.  

This means that from the 1st July 2020, you will need to contact the relevant front door service based on the address of the child/children pertinent to the referral (in the same way you did prior to the MACH commencing in June 2019). The SAFER referral form will not change. The only differences are the phone and email addresses you will need to use.