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Safeguarding Children on Foreign Exchange Visits


1. Overview

1.1 Children on foreign exchange visits typically stay with a family selected by the school in the host country and are vulnerable for reasons comparable to others living away from home. If this arrangement is for more than 28 days the procedures for Private Fostering arrangements should be applied.

1.2 In the event that a pupil's family is the subject of a Section 47 Enquiry or a child in the family is subject to a Child Protection Plan, the family should be regarded as unsuitable to receive a pupil from an overseas school. Where there have been past concerns in the home that are known to the school, the nominated teacher should consult with the designated officer for Education to agree whether further information is required prior to agreeing the suitability of the family to receive an overseas student.

1.3 Schools organising foreign exchange visits should take reasonable steps to ensure that a comparable approach is taken by relevant schools abroad.