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Parent or Family Members Involved in Prostitution

Involvement of family members in prostitution does not necessarily mean children will suffer significant harm.

1. Overview

1.1 Where there is a concern for a child whose parent or carer is involved in prostitution the following factors should be considered when undertaking an Initial Assessment:

  • Any exposure of the child to unsuitable adults and sexual activity or materials especially where the parent works from home
  • Any emotional, physical or sexual abuse of the parent or any behaviour in another adult which leaves the parent involved in prostitution in fear
  • Child left unattended or being left with the responsibility of younger siblings
  • Factors associated with substance misuse and/or mental health difficulties
  • Inconsistent care.

1.2 Where there is a concern for a child whose parent is involved in prostitution, the Core Assessment should always consider the child’s development in the context of parenting capacity and family and environmental factors.