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Children Who May Be Eligible For Criminal Injuries Compensation

Children who are victims of offences of violence (whether committed within or outside the family) may be entitled to criminal injuries compensation whether or not there has been a prosecution or conviction and even where there is no physical injury as in cases of sexual assault. 

1. Overview

1.1 A claim on behalf of a child/young person under 18 years of age should normally be made by a person with parental responsibility.

1.2 If it appears that a child may be eligible to apply for criminal injuries compensation staff should:

  • Inform the person with parental responsibility of possible eligibility to criminal injuries compensation;
  • Provide the person with parental responsibility with information about criminal injuries compensation;
  • Support the person with parental responsibility to progress the claim on behalf of the child.

1.3 Where the Local Authority has parental responsibility for a child looked after the Social Worker should progress the claim.