Tees-wide Child Exploitation Screening Tool


Using the form:

Where a professional has concerns about the possibility that a child or young person is being groomed for, or is subject to, Child Sexual Exploitation, Criminal Exploitation, modern slavery or being trafficked, they should complete and submit a Safer Referral Form.

This form should be used by a social worker or lead practitioner, together with other key professionals involved in the case for the purposes of establishing whether the case should be referred to the respective VEMT practitioner Group (VPG). 

NOTE: Although there are some occasions where consent is not strictly necessary, it is good practice to inform the child and parent and to obtain consent to share information. Due to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations, this consent should be obtained on the consent form as agreed in the relevant Local Authority. 

The form serves as the initial referral to the VEMT Practitioner Group and does not replace a safer referral. It should be completed in full and used for:

  1. a) ALL new cases,
  2. b) ALL cases where closure to VPG is being requested and
  3. c) Where requested by the VPG

Professionals need to be mindful that the indicators could be part of teenage behaviour and should exercise their own judgement when completing the form and capture concerns where they have some evidence AND concerns based on ‘their gut feeling’. Differentiation between the two must be explained in the notes sections.

To access the VEMT Practitioner Screening Tool/Referral Form: