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Standing Conference on Drug Abuse Guidelines (SCODA) Questionnaire

Unborn baby assessment questions regarding parental substance misuse, including alcohol misuse: ‘Standing Conference on Drug Abuse Guidelines’ (SCODA)

‘Substance’ refers to both legal and illicit substances, for example heroin, cocaine, crack, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, LSD, methadone, ecstasy, prescription drugs, solvents and problematic alcohol use.

Parental substance misuse can particularly impact on the health and development of the child before birth and very seriously affect the life chances and future health and development of the child. Practitioners must ensure a thorough assessment of risk to the baby, both before and after the birth. Professionals must also remember that substance misuse may be one significant feature amongst others, such as domestic abuse, previous harm to a child etc. and should therefore not be the only focus for assessment.

Professionals undertaking this assessment are expected to use the SCODA Questionnaire/Assessment Tool

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