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Shelter highlights numbers of children living in bed and breakfasts.

Shelter have produced a policy briefing: "Nowhere to go" which highlights, what they refer to, as the scandal of homeless children living in bed and breakfast accommodation. This accomodation, sometimes out of their home area disrupting education and oftenbeyond the six weeks period that is meant to be the legal maximum. Shelter found that this Christmas 80,000 children in England, Scotland and Wales will wake up homeless. In England more than 43,000 homeless households were living in temporary accommodation at the end of June 2013,which is an increase of 9% on the previous year. The report recommends that the Government should exempt homeless households in temporary accommodations from the benefits gap and review the rates paid for temporary accommodation. They hightlight the need to support families by providing affordable housing and support in order to keep families in their homes.

The full policy briefing is available on: http://www.shelter.org.uk/