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16 year old girl with mental health problems now placed in care.

A teenage girl with mental health problems who was kept in police cells for two days because of a lack of care beds has been found a place to stay. Concerns for her welfare were raised by Paul Netherton, assistant chief constable at Devon and Cornwall Police when no beds were available anywhere in the UK.

A spokesman told the BBC that: "After details were provided to NHS England about the girl and her condition, a place was found locally within a few hours and that: "We are grateful for the help of the NHS in the area in identifying the place.

"It is worth noting that mental health crisis services have been expanding so that the number of people ending up in police cells is in fact down - but clearly more needs to be done."

The 16yr old was detained on Thursday night, sectioned Friday lunchtime and due to  no place of safety being  available was kept in custody on a Friday and Saturday night. Full story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/