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Ban B&Bs for young care leavers, say MPs

Young adults leaving the care system in England should be provided with regulated accommodation and not be placed in bed and breakfasts, say MPs.

The Commons Education Select Committee says B&B accommodation is "threatening and frightening" and should only be used in emergency situations.

MPs say these youngsters should not have to leave care until they are 21.

The Department for Education said it would take "tough action" where it found B&Bs were being used.

The MPs' report - Into independence, not out of care: 16 plus care options - suggests that the quality of preparation for a young person's transition from care to greater independence is "too often inadequate".

These adolescents must be "fully and effectively informed of their rights and entitlements", says the report, and given a genuine choice of accommodation available.

"One young person informed us that she had been living in a B&B for two years," the report says.

The report continues: "Statutory guidance is clear that B&Bs are unsuitable for young people in care and should only be used in very particular, emergency situations.

"Nonetheless, we are deeply troubled by the continued use of B&Bs. Far from being merely unsuitable, B&Bs can present an environment which feels unsafe and threatening to a young person."

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