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Kids Company launches major campaign to restructure children’s social care

High profile campaign has secured an independent children's task force and the backing of sector bodies and celebrities.

Children’s charity Kids Company has today launched a major campaign and established an independent task force to address the “crisis” in children’s social care services.

It follows the publication of a damning report by think-tank the Centre for Social Justice, which analysed the cases of 20 children supported by Kids Company. Researchers found “staggering” failures in the care and support provided by their local authorities.

The 400-page report included evidence of illegal practices by local authorities to prevent children from accessing care, and testimonies from social workers who report the system is “completely overwhelmed”.

Camila Batmanghelidjh (CEO) called the campaign ”a social action initiative driven by permission to admit to the real scale of the problem, and hopeful that resolute action will change the system and make it fit for purpose”.

“Surely vulnerable children deserve to have their courage matched by society’s courage to dream the best reparation for them.”

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