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UK child poverty plans doomed to failure, report says

Britain's child poverty plans are "doomed" to fail as 3.5 million children will be in poverty by 2020, says a watchdog chaired by former health secretary Alan Milburn.

The government's draft strategy for the next three years is a "missed opportunity" and falls far short of what is needed, said the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission.

It urged politicians to work together.

Ministers said they remained committed to ending child poverty by 2020.

The child poverty promise - which includes a pledge to cut the number of children in relative poverty to 10% by 2020 - was enshrined in law in 2010.

Mr Milburn said the draft child poverty strategy was a "missed opportunity" and fell "far short" of what was needed to reduce, or end child poverty in Britain.

He said it was a "farce" and "particularly lamentable" that ministers had been unable to agree on how to measure poverty after rubbishing existing measures.

"The government's approach falls far short of what is needed to reduce, yet alone end child poverty in our country," added the former Labour MP.

"Our new research shows that the gap between the objective of making child poverty history and the reality is becoming ever wider."

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