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Parents Blame Child Sexualisation On Internet

British parents say they talk to kids about sex many years before they had the same conversation with their own parents.

Increasing numbers of parents are being forced to discuss the "facts of life" with their children while they are still in primary school.

A survey of more than 5,000 parents found seven out of 10 British children had discussed topics including sex, puberty and pornography by the time they are 11.

Many say they have to have the conversation with their children at least five years earlier than they had the same chat with their own parents.

Most blame their children's curiosity on things they have seen online. The majority of parents say their children know more about the internet than they do by the time they are 12.

Parents picking up their children from a junior school in Cheshire told Sky News they agree with the findings of the survey.

One father of a 10-year-old girl says his daughter is already asking questions.

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