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Kent County Council criticised over Latvian child in care

Kent County Council has been criticised by the High Court for failing to give a Latvian father the right information when it took his young son into care.

The four-year-old was brought to Kent in early 2013 by his mother. She had divorced his father, who was in Latvia.

When the boy started school teachers noticed bruising on his face, which resulted in him going into care, but the father was not contacted.

Kent County Council conceded that it had failed to act correctly.

Social workers investigated after the boy told them his mother's new partner had been beating him.

The council should then have formally served the boy's father with court papers and told him he was entitled to legal aid as well as an English lawyer.

But that never happened, even though the court had ordered it.

It was only when the case was moved to the High Court, in September, that the father was properly briefed.

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