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Cyberbullying 'A Daily Problem' For Children

More than half of children polled (55%) said cyberbullying had become a part of life for children and young people, while 60.5% of parents also said it had.

Keeping their children safe online is a major worry for parents, with 49% complaining that the amount of access their child has to the internet leaves them struggling to monitor their behaviour online.

And 51% said this makes them scared for the safety of their child.

However, the poll, commissioned by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, suggests that many families would struggle to respond if their child did fall victim to internet abuse.

Some 40% of parents said they would not know how to respond if their child fell victim to cyberbullies or how to set up filters on computers, tablets and mobile phones that could protect their children.

There were growing calls for online safety to be taught in more schools, with 69% of teachers and 40% of young people calling for it to be included in the national curriculum.

Luke Roberts, national co-ordinator of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, said cyberbullying is one of the biggest issues facing young people today and called for the Government to ensure it is taught in all schools.

"The solution is better education, not only in the classroom but better training for teachers and support for parents. We need a collaborative approach to tackling cyber-bullying, so children themselves can take responsibility for their own safety online and know where to turn for help when things go wrong.

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