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New structure proposed in the Isle of Wight

Children’s services staff at the Isle of Wight Council are taking part in a consultation on the redesign of social care and other related services for the Island. Isle of Wight Council’s strategic partner, Hampshire County Council, is working closely with experienced interim managers to design new services that are aimed at ensuring that children are better protected and that professionals have lower case loads with better managerial oversight.

The proposals include:

. an end to the Island’s experimental ‘reclaiming social work’ model;

. 50 per cent increase in front line social workers from 32 posts to 48;

.  28 per cent increase in other related front line positions;

. 40 per cent reduction in senior managers;

. new services for children in need, children leaving care or at risk of coming into care;

. a drive to recruit more foster carers and adopters;

. a new central point of contact for all professionals and public on the Island.

The consultation will run until 23 October after which final decisions will be made and staff appointed to posts in the new structure.

CYP now Wed 25th Sept 2013